About us

The very passion of providing the best quality goods at the best prices defines us.

We are from unjha, one of the biggest agri commodities and spices markets in asia.

Our Team

Tejas Patel
Owner, Head - Procurement and Quality Management
Mr. Tejas Patel is a person to look for when you need to scout the best quality goods at the best prices. His ability of scouting the best from resources is simply amazing. Having experience of more than 8 years in the market, he knows alpha to omega of spices markets.
Manish Patel
Manager - Exports & Marketing
Experienced in handling customer relationships for more than 7 years, Mr. Patel is versatile and dependable when it comes to serving his clients. He believes that each client is unique and should be served accordingly, every aspect of dealing depends on what client wants and what makes client comfortable.
Sumit patel
Manager, Finance and Account department